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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Professional Health Science: Pre-Physical Therapy Concentration, B.S.

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The Professional Health Science: Pre-Physical Therapy concentration is designed for students who plan to become a physical therapist, or other comparable healthcare professional. The program helps to prepare the student for an appropriate doctoral or master’s level health professions program leading to their career choice. The special entrance requirements of the health profession schools to which the student plans to apply are considered when electives are chosen.

Core Requirements

All students must complete the Avila University Core Curriculum as a part of their degree programs. The Core consists of a minimum of 39 credit hours that meet the requirements listed below. Please go to Core Curriculum  for more information and to view all Core classes.

Skills Level (7 credit hours)

Develops fundamental skills key for both academic and professional success.

  • Composition (3)
  • Communication (3)
  • First Year Seminar (1) - waived for transfer students

Liberal Arts Level (25 credit hours)

Provides diverse disciplinary lenses through which to examine the world. Concepts learned and viewpoints experiences at this level promote critical thinking and ethical decision-making with reference to real-life situations across the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and arts.

  • Arts (3)
  • History (3)
  • Literature/Rhetoric (3)
  • Mathematics (3)
  • Natural Science (4) - must include a lab
  • Philosophy (3)
  • Religious Studies (3)
  • Social Sciences (3)

Core Component Designations (6-12 credit hours)

Focuses on seeing beyond the self, immediate community, or chosen discipline. Designations include Interdisciplinary Studies, Global Studies, and Community Engagement, all of which call for application of learning across boundaries.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies (6)
  • Global Studies or Community Engagement (6)

Technology Requirement

Computer competency will be demonstrated by successful completion of the following course:


Upon graduation, a student majoring in Professional Health Science should be able to:

Outcome 1.

Demonstrate a working knowledge of the basic principles of biology, chemistry, and physics. (BI 111  and BI 112 CH 137 , and PH 117  or PH 231 )

Outcome 2.

Apply scientific knowledge to solving problems. (BI 499  or CH 499  or KN 499 )

Outcome 3.

Demonstrate the clear communication of the basic principles of science through speaking and writing. (BI 499  or CH 499  or KN 499 )

Outcome 4.

Demonstrate an understanding of current issues in the health professions. (HE 101 )


The outcomes for the Professional Health Science major are assessed through a combination of examination results, term papers, oral reports, and mentor evaluations in the courses listed above.

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