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2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Business Administration, B.S.B.A.

School of Business


The School of Business provides students with professional knowledge and basic skills necessary to assume positions of administrative responsibility in a wide variety of areas. This is undertaken with an orientation toward the moral aspects and the consequences of one’s actions. The School of Business seeks to provide mechanisms and reinforcement for students to engage actively in meaningful experiences beyond the classroom setting.

Avila University is accredited by the IACBE (International Accreditation Council for Business Education) to offer the Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degrees, and the Master in Business Administration degrees in the School of Business.*

Core Requirements

All students must complete the Avila University Core Curriculum as a part of their degree programs. The Core consists of a minimum of 39 credit hours that meet the requirements listed below. Please go to Core Curriculum  for more information and to view all Core classes.

Skills Level (7 credit hours)

Develops fundamental skills key for both academic and professional success.

  • Composition (3)
  • Communication (3)
  • First Year Seminar (1) - waived for transfer students

Liberal Arts Level (25 credit hours)

Provides diverse disciplinary lenses through which to examine the world. Concepts learned and viewpoints experiences at this level promote critical thinking and ethical decision-making with reference to real-life situations across the humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and arts.

  • Arts (3)
  • History (3)
  • Literature/Rhetoric (3)
  • Mathematics (3)
  • Natural Science (4) - must include a lab
  • Philosophy (3)
  • Religious Studies (3)
  • Social Sciences (3)

Core Component Designations (6-12 credit hours)

Focuses on seeing beyond the self, immediate community, or chosen discipline. Designations include Interdisciplinary Studies, Global Studies, and Community Engagement, all of which call for application of learning across boundaries.

  • Interdisciplinary Studies (6)
  • Global Studies or Community Engagement (6)

School of Business Academic Policies

The candidate for a degree through the School of Business must follow all policies listed below and fulfill all requirements for the School of Business and the candidate’s chosen major. Prior to formal admission to the School of Business, students should seek advice from their academic advisor.

Candidates should review additional policies regarding progress in School of Business degree programs here .

Degree Requirements

Completion of at least 120 semester hours with a minimum grade point average of 2.0 (average grade of “C”), at least 27 semester hours in one major subject area with at least 21 semester hours in courses numbered 200 or above, at least 12 upper-division semester hours in the major at Avila, and no more than 60 hours of School of Business courses. Business courses that are cross-listed are counted against the 60-hour limit regardless of the division designation under which credit is granted. The final 30 hours must be completed at Avila University.

4 + 1 MBA Early Admission

The School of Business offers an early admission option to outstanding undergraduate business students. This option to be admitted early to the MBA programs allows students to earn the bachelor’s and master’s degree in as few as five years. Prospective students are eligible to apply after completion of at least 55 credit hours and once admitted, can begin taking graduate courses after 75 credit hours are earned. Interested students should submit an application for admission to the School of Business. See the graduate catalog (MBA program) for more details.  ​

Major Related Requirements

Candidates must complete the following courses as a part of each candidate’s core curriculum with a minimum grade of “C” or better:

School of Business Core Requirements (39 hours)

International Students

Avila’s School of Business encourages eligible international undergraduate students to consider for-credit internship experience to integrate degree program knowledge with real-world business training and to explore professional aspects of U.S. culture.

Business Administration Major Requirements

The major is for students who are undecided about majoring in one of the areas of business listed below. This major is for those who wish a broader education in Business.

The requirements are: Twenty-one (21) hours of electives chosen from three of the areas of Accounting, Finance and Economics, Management and Business Law, and Marketing. No fewer than six (6) nor more than nine (9) hours may be taken from the courses in any one area.  The areas and courses are:

Technology Requirement

Computer competency will be demonstrated by successful completion of:


The School of Business has outcomes expected of students graduating with the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in any business major.

These are:

Outcome 1.

Be able to use deductive and inductive reasoning to solve business problems.

Outcome 2.

Be able to effectively research a subject and present the findings both orally and in writing.

Outcome 3.

Student has demonstrated interpersonal skills.

Outcome 4.

Be able to apply knowledge about the economic, legal, and interpersonal environment in the creation and management of the organization.

Business Administration Outcomes

In addition to the outcomes listed above for all students graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree, the Business Administration major has these additional outcomes.

Outcome 1.

Distinguish between ethical and unethical business behavior. (MG 323 , BL 346 , MG 321 )

Outcome 2.

Demonstrate an understanding of the functional areas of business: management, marketing, finance, economics, and accounting. (BU 499 , EC 202 )

Outcome 3.

Use computer-based technologies to analyze data and related business information. (EC 202 , EC 240 )


The assessment methodologies and results for every major’s outcomes and ETS exam results may be found on the Avila website under the School of Business/Accreditation.