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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Public Accounting, B.S.

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The Bachelor of Science degree in Public Accounting prepares students for careers in public, corporate, governmental, or non-profit accounting. Depending on their interests, students may pursue either a Bachelor of Science with a major in Public Accounting or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting. The Bachelor of Science with a major in Public Accounting is for those who intend to sit for the CPA examination or work in public accounting. Working with an accounting faculty advisor, students can choose the major which best fits their interests and career plans. The major in Public Accounting for the Bachelor of Science is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education.

Students majoring in Public Accounting are versed in all aspects of accounting including practice, theory, and professional ethics. In addition, graduates who complete both the Bachelor of Science degree in Public Accounting and the MBA in Accounting will satisfy the 150 hours requirements of both Kansas and Missouri to sit for the CPA exam.

Accountants need critical business skills to advance in the ranks of management. The accounting program includes appropriate business coursework so that students develop those skills.

Major Requirements

The degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree in Public Accounting are listed below.

Requirement 1.

Completion of at least 120 semester hours of academic work with a minimum overall grade point average of 2.0 and no more than 77 hours of School of Business courses. Business courses that are cross-listed are counted against the 77 hour limit.

Requirement 2.

Achievement of a minimum grade of “C” in all courses specifically required for the degree.

Requirement 3.

Completion of at least 12 hours of upper-division courses in accounting at Avila University.

Requirement 4.

Avila students who wish to take upper-division courses off campus to satisfy the Accounting major will have prior departmental approval and must take them at a four-year school. Courses transferred at the time of admission to Avila will be evaluated for accounting upper-division credit. At admission, business law may be transferred from a two-year school to satisfy BL 305 - Legal Aspects of Business I (3) .

Requirement 5.

Completion of the final 30 hours at the university.

Requirement 6.

The candidate must fulfill the University Core Curriculum requirements as outlined in this catalog. The School of Business specifically requires the following core classes be included within each candidate’s core curriculum: PY 101 - General Psychology (3) , CO 110 - Fundamentals of Communication (3) , EN 111 - Composition I: Rhetorical Discourse (3)  and EN 112 - Composition II: Rhetorical Argument (3) , and MA 120 - College Algebra (3) , or a higher level Mathematics course. All specifically required courses must be completed with a letter grade of “C” or better.

Technology Requirement

Computer competency will be demonstrated by completion of CS 210 - Navigating the Digital Society (3)  or CS 111 - Ethics in Technology (3) , with a letter grade of “C” or better.


The School of Business has several outcomes expected of all Accounting Majors. These are:

Outcome 1.

Be able to identify, measure, summarize, and analyze financial and tax data. (AC 452 , AC 362 )

Outcome 2.

Demonstrate knowledge of ethical professional responsibilities. (AC 370 )

Outcome 3.

Demonstrate knowledge of the meaning, application and methodology for attest services. (AC 370 )


The assessment methodologies and results for every major’s outcomes may be found on the Avila website under the School of Business/Accreditation.


Only one repeat of a required undergraduate Accounting, CS, or other School of Business course by an Accounting Major will be permitted.

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