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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication: Sports Communication Concentration, B.A.

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Communication (CO)

The Communication department provides a broad base of theoretical and practical coursework in the communications industry. The candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree must fulfill all general degree requirements as stated in this catalog. In addition to completing the foundation courses and learning the use of technology across the field, students choose a concentration area to develop skills suited to their particular career interests. The program has audio and video production studios, a post poduction suite and provides hands-on learning with The Talon, news network. Students must have a minimum grade of “C” for all Communication courses.

Technology Requirement

Computer Literacy Requirement: Students are required to demonstrate computer literacy throughout the communication curriculum which often requires the use of technology. Computer literacy requirements are met in AR 271  /CO 271  and CO 225 .


In addition to the general degree requirements stated earlier in this university catalog, Communication majors will be expected to meet the following outcomes.

Outcome 1.

Demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively from diverse perspectives using oral, written, visual, and technological skills. (CO 181 , CO 182 , CO 225 , CO 391 , CO 235 , CO 331 ).

Outcome 2.

Demonstrate an understanding of the theory and history of media and communication research.(CO 425 , CO 427 , CO 436 , CO 452 , CO 415 , CO 499 )

Outcome 3.

Create innovative real-world communication projects that persuade, inform or entertain. (CO 427 , CO 415 , CO 452 ).

Outcome 4.

Demonstrate an ability to examine ethical decision-making from diverse perspectives. (CO 225 , CO 360 ).


The outcomes for the Communication major are assessed through a combination of written and performance examinations, written and performance assignments, and a portfolio (Advertising/Public Relations, Sports Communication, Film & Digital Media) of completed projects. The portfolio reflects assignments completed throughout the course of the program. The portfolio is constructed in CO 499 - Senior Seminar (3)  and reviewed by communication faculty members and professionals in the communication community. The portfolio is formally presented at the end of the spring semester prior to graduation.

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