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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Healthcare Management, B.S.

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The candidate for the Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management offered through the Avila Advantage program must complete all the University general degree requirements.

Admission to the Major

The Advantage Healthcare Management major is open only to students who meet the requirements for admission to the Avila Advantage program.

The major welcomes students seeking their first bachelor’s degree as well as students who may already have a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree. The major is particularly suitable for those candidates who may already have a background through education and/or work experience in health-related fields, such as (but not limited to): counseling, medical technology, medical transcription, nursing, nursing assistant, nutrition, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or radiologic science.

Major Requirements

Requirement 1.

Fulfill all the requirements for a degree as stated in this catalog.

Requirement 2.

Complete the Core Curriculum  requirements as stated in this catalog.

Requirement 3.

Students must achieve a minimum grade of “C” in all courses required for the major.

Requirement 4.

The major specifically requires that the following core courses be included within each candidate’s curriculum:

Technology Requirements

Computer competency will be demonstrated by successful completion of HC 456  /NU 456 .  


Graduates for the Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Management will be able to:

Professional Studies Outcomes

Outcome 1.

Develop and analyze innovative solutions for problems using critical and creative reasoning (BU 321 , BU 322 ).

Outcome 2.

Demonstrate the ability to clearly communicate in professional settings using effective interpersonal, teamwork, cultural, presentational and writing skills (CO 212 , CO 213 , CO 312 , CO 321 , EN 112 ).

Outcome 3.

Demonstrate an understanding of ethical frameworks and theories and how to apply them in professional situations (CO 212 , CO 321 , PL 255 ).

Outcome 4.

Demonstrate the ability to use technology in managing organizations (HC 456  /NU 456 CO 213 , EC 240 ).

Healthcare Management Outcomes

Outcome 1.

View healthcare services from both community and national perspectives to ensure significant trends are factored into planning (HC 499 , HC 340 , HC 320 ).

Outcome 2.

Understand the key laws affecting the healthcare industry and know how to access relevant information (HC 340 , HC 320 , HC 499 ).

Outcome 3.

Interpret the results of studies performed in the managed care environment and use the statistical data to develop logical conclusions regarding the climate, state, and future of managed care, based on their analysis and synthesis of that data (HC 340 , HC 499 ).

Outcome 4.

Evaluate one’s organizational position in the marketplace and consider strategies for strengthening that position (HC 499 , HC 335 ).

Outcome 5.

Identify the basic character of the United States healthcare system (HC 499 , HC 320 , HC 305 ).

Outcome 6.

Explain the complicities of the current long-term care system, including fragmentation of services and financing, supply, and skill levels of caregivers, efforts to ensure dignity and safety of elders, and the pressures presented by a steadily aging society (HC 499 , HC 320 , HC 305 , HC 335 ).

Outcome 7.

Develop skills required for informed participation in healthcare affairs and outcomes (HC 305 , HC 320 , HC 330 , HC 335 , HC 499 ).


Summative outcomes in the Healthcare Management degree in the Avila Advantage program are assessed in a Planning Retreat project via a written strategic plan and an oral presentation of that plan in the capstone course (HC 499 ). Professionals in the Healthcare Management field evaluate the plan based on the above outcomes. The Summative assessment occurs yearly. Formative outcomes are assessed in individual courses as students move through the program.

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