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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Psychology: Research Concentration, B.A.

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Psychology (BA)

Psychology is the scientific study of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Avila psychology majors learn to approach behavior at individual and systems levels as “scientist-practitioners,” through coursework, research and field experiences.

By developing a combination of interpersonal, analytic, research, and writing skills, psychology majors are in demand for a wide variety of occupations. We offer three areas of concentration, each designed to prepare students for their future goals:

  1. Mental Health Concentration - Designed for students interested in a liberal arts bachelor’s degree, who would like to better understand normal and abnormal human behavior. Students in this concentration typically find employment that utilizes their psychology skills, enter master’s level psychology or counseling programs, or enter other graduate programs in areas such as law, medicine, or business.
  2. Research Concentration - Designed for students interested in pursuing a doctorate in psychology and/or a career in research. Students must apply for acceptance into the research concentration after completing PY 261  and PY 262 . Minimal requirements for acceptance into the research concentration include: (a) completion of six hours of coursework at Avila, (b) a 3.25 cumulative grade point average, (c) a B grade or better in PY 261 and PY 262, and (d) recommendation of their advisor.
  3. General - Designed for students interested in a flexible degree program.

The Psychology Club and Psi Chi (Psychology Honor Society) support extracurricular activities, collaborative learning projects, and volunteer opportunities.

Major Requirements

The candidate for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology must complete all of the General Degree requirements  stated in this catalog.

Students must complete the following related requirements:

In addition, students must complete the following psychology major core course requirements as well as requirements in up to two selected areas of concentration, for a total of 42 credit hours. Note: ALL required major courses - core, concentration(s) and related requirements - must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

Psychology Major Core Course Requirements:

The psychology major “core” consists of 27 credit hours in the following courses:

Research Concentration

In addition to the 27 hours of core psychology requirements, students must complete the following:

Technology Requirement

The computer competency requirement is met by the completion of CS 111 - Ethics in Technology (3) .


In addition to the general degree requirements, psychology majors must meet departmental learning outcomes within the following six areas, based on guidelines developed by Avila faculty as members of the Tuning Psychology consortium (, and consistent with recommendations from the American Psychological Association:

Outcome 1.  Psychological Knowledge and Application

Students will acquire knowledge in psychological theories, concepts, research, and historical trends, and be able to apply this knowledge in personal and professional contexts.

Outcome 2.  Scientific Reasoning and Research Skills

Students will be critical consumers of information, applying scientific reasoning, problem solving, and basic psychological research methods in understanding and addressing social psychological issues.

Outcome 3.  Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Students will apply psychological principles to communicate and interact effectively with members of diverse groups in various contexts.

Outcome 4.  Professional Standards

Students will understand professional and personal values of the discipline, recognizing the importance of human diversity and sociocultural context. 

Outcome 5.  Professional and Personal Development

Students will apply psychological principles to further their professional and personal development, and demonstrate readiness for post-baccalaureate employment or advanced degree programs.

Outcome 6.  Social Responsibility

Students will understand issues of social justice and compassion through the lens of psychological science, and will be able to apply psychological principles to “serve the dear neighbor without distinction.”


The outcomes for the psychology major are assessed through a combination of: (1) written and performance examinations and assignments as specified in the course syllabi; (2) self, instructor, practicum supervisor, and psychology faculty evaluations; and (3) completed projects assigned throughout the program.

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